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Funeral For Love June 14, 2012

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Hey guys! This lovely poem was written by my very good friend @AneeUche. I decided not to edit it so you could enjoy it just the way she wrote it. It’s a really beautiful poem and im not saying this because she’s my friend. 🙂 Happy reading :)(you could comment too ;))


Love never dies.
Love is faithful.
Love is pure.
Love is a many-colored thing.
It goes on and on.
Songs about love.
Stories about love.
Searching for love.
Falling in love.
Being in love.
Falling out of love.

I’m more concerned about what happens after.

When the effects of Cupid’s arrow have worn off,
And the fairy dust has cleared from our eyes;
When reality has set in,
And hate has come to nest;
When the tears have been shed,
When goodbye has been said;
What happens then?

When hearts are broken,
Sometimes, beyond repair;
When bodies are worse for wear;
What happens when the fairytale ends?

Do we attempt to pick up the pieces?
Do we mend our broken hearts?
Do we wrap ourselves in a quilt of regret, knitted by our tears and pin?
When time is lost and cannot be regained;
When going back is not an option?
When we realize we share our beds with strangers;
When the center of our universe becomes somebody that we used to know;
When the glass has been shattered and the scales fall from our eyes;
When love has been stripped bare,
And the truth is plain to see,
The once beautiful become grotesque;
Who do we turn to?
When we’ve lost everything,
And the only way to go is forward,
Do we stop or go?
Bury our heads in the sand like and ostrich,
Or rise to the challenge?
Where do broken hearts go?
What do we do when love dies?
What do I do, now that I have lost you?