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Memories June 16, 2013

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Hi guys! Today’s guest feature comes from my good friend, Chizotam. Please read and enjoy.

“Enjoy the moments as they come before they become memories.”

I remember…
Growing up as a child,
Having piano lessons, never practising till just before my teacher came, and hoping he wouldn’t notice that I hadn’t.
I wish I had taken those lessons seriously.
I wasn’t so bad on the keys.

Sticking an aluminium fork in flames, and then pressing it against my sister’s leg, as she sat on one of the branches of a tree.
She almost killed me.

My sister giving me half of an orange, with so much affection.
I should have known she had creamed the top with a nice helping of salt.
You don’t want to know what that tastes like.
Trust me, I had my revenge some years ago; did the same to her.

My sister not…

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