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Get Familiar – Jolie Femme August 6, 2013

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The LSS is always willing to promote Budding Student Entrepreneurs. As a result, we are proud to associate ourselves with Benita David-Akoro and Anita David-Akoro(Class of ’15) bringing you :

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Friends and food. August 5, 2013

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Hey again special people who actually read my blog! I love you all so much! Kisses for everyone :* :* :* :*

So lunch with my best friends was awesome. We went to the a Orchid Bistro and was amazing. And so I am dedicating this post to reviewing the restaurant.

It was a lovely day, thank God for holding the rain! There is nothing worse than trying to locate a place when it is raining. And it would have been especially hard seeing as The Orchid Bistro doesn’t exactly have a signpost infront of or on the building.

It is hidden at 58A Isaac John street, GRA Ikeja. Many who know that street know that it is loaded with a lot of nice food places just like Yellow Chilli and Oh la la (both are nice too). If you’re driving looking for the bistro, you would most likely not find it because you would be expecting some sort of sign for recognition. Instead, you will see a blue building marked as Nos. 58 and 58A. You would also see a signpost of a saloon on the upper floor of the blue building.

Yes, that means you are in the right place. On entering and parking you would be directed into the bistro through a flowery path and a door with no name indicating that it is the entrance. 



Initially, I was actually afraid that the guy leading us was trying to be funny but surprisingly it was the right entrance and not just a back door. Do they not want people to find the place?

I like how they have a sorta shedded garden place where you can eat. Caught two love birds enjoying a quiet lunch on my way in. Ahh to be in love and to be loved.



So if you’re looking for a quiet hidden place to take your lover to, Orchid Bistro might just be your place.

The interior is medium sized and has a cosy feel. Love the decor. 



The customer service is pretty decent. The waiters were patient as five 20 something year old ladies laughed and throughly screened the menu looking for what we would settle on. And they asked if we enjoyed the meal when we were done.

Now down to the main gist.  For drinks we had some lemonade, apple juice and Appletini. The lemonade is lemony lol it’s decent and the Appletini good too, but my friend who ordered the apple juice was quite surprised when they brought her juice. It was all foamy like beer like they actually just blended some green apples and served it straight in a glass. Well it didn’t taste so bad but I guess she would have preferred regular apple juice.



Now, food! Their spring rolls aren’t the best really. For N1500 I was expecting the big sized ones like they have in Shaunz Bar in Murphy’s Plaza (which by the way is a great karaoke bar). They were regular sized and didn’t taste so great.

We all had chicken stirfry some with fries and some with rice. Food was great but kinda pricey compared to the portions.



We picked up some muffins on the way out. They were good but their ‘red velvet’ cupcakes tasted more like regular cupcakes with red colouring lol.



In general it’s a pretty decent place and might just make another visit. I put up this post with pictures to give people an idea of how it is like and what to expect. I know this will be very helpful so you are very welcome. 

It was an awesome day with my best friends (we all met in high school). I am thankful for their love, humour and infact their friendship. *this is the part where you awwwwwwww*

Till whenever I get something to write about again,


Bucket lists

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So I was listening to the radio and it crossed my mind that if a foreign musician could be assigned to be the face of each radio station in Nigeria (in a parallel universe I guess) the perfect person for 99.9 Beat FM would be Chris Brown. Get it? Beat? lol no?  I apologise for that failure of a joke.

Anywayyyys, for the past month, it has seemed like my life has no excitement. I don’t even know how the days have gone so fast really because I really haven’t done much. I keep complaining about how boring my life is. All I do is struggle to read my school books, play with my dogs (Scar and Rocky), cook, errands and then lazy about the house.

Thankfully, I have decided not to keep being a waste (Chi gurl would be proud). In putting that to effect I have decided to come up with a bucket list.

Don’t be like Homer.

 I was chatting with a friend and he asked me the items on my bucket list and it occurred to me that I had never written one. It felt odd seing as I always find myself saying ‘ohh i’d love to do that before i die’.

The whole idea of the bucket list or a list of things to do before you reach a certain age, is to actually help you get out of your comfort zone and live life a little more.

I’m not going to bore you with talks on how short life is and how you should make the best of the little time you have here with the people you love. All i’d say is that having a list and actually working towards making them a reality makes life a little more exiting and interesting (well in my opinion). So instead of lazying about and complaning of how bored I am, I should actually be out living life and ticking off more items from my list!

P.S- A bucket list is supposed to be a list of things you’d like to do before you kick the proverbial ‘bucket’.

Yeah, so some items on my bucket list off the top my head and in no particular order.

-Watch Coldplay in concert or have them perform at my wedding

– Sightseeing in Paris, Spain, Italy.

– Sing on a stage to a loving audience that will not pelt me with rotten tomatoes (and will love my voice). Yes, dreams do come true.

– Learn to tango, salsa and other contemporary dances.

-Sky diving

– Have Chris Martin and or Praiz serenade me for my birthday

– Back up for Coldplay and Asa

-Start a real rock band

– Learn to play a guitar

-See the seven wonders of the world

-Water skiing and Jet skiing

Those are just a few items off mine and I’m sure I’ll add more as time goes on. Also, I’m working on a list of things to do before I turn 25 and one of those was to have an Appletini ^_^ Lol (don’t ask please).

I hope this inspires someone to come up with a bucket list and start living! Feel free to share some items in the comment section.

Peace, love and Oreos,