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Come fly with me February 21, 2014

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From the struggle for overhead space to the refusal to obey the air hosts, such are the many things to be observed of Nigerians on international flights from and to Nigeria.
I once sat beside a woman who insisted on going to the bathroom even though we had been clearly told to stay seated with our seat belts fastened by the overhead announcement (because we were about to land) and the ‘fasten seatbelt sign’ was clearly on. I tried to politely ask her to stay seated (because I was going to have to stand up for her to pass)  but she kept insisting that ‘Ehn, we haven’t started descending  and they haven’t locked the toilets yet’.
This same lady scolded the air hostess for coming to pick up her empty food tray late and commented ‘these people don’t respect Nigerians’ when she was refused an extra can of soda and was told that we entitled to only one at a time.
This same amazing seat partner of mine refused to switch off her phone for take off until 20minutes after the announcement was made. I guess discussing her brother’s suspicious behaviour with her mum could not wait for another 6 hours. And no I wasn’t eavesdropping, she was quite loud.
So it’s safe to say that I had a pretty amazing flight.
Do not even get me started on the struggle for overhead compartments! It’s bad enough that we will carry about two massive bags in the name of hand luggage, you will now find people sharply putting them in other person’s space. I was lucky to catch a little drama between two women, Mrs A seating in 32A had an extra bag and put them in Mrs B’s space in 35A. And her reason for refusing to remove it was ‘Ehen? Abi I boarded before you?’Lol things almost got a little physical before a air hostess intervened.
In some other circumstances things have actually gotten physical. Luckily I haven’t been on any such flight yet. So whenever you’re lucky to be on one of these dramatic flights, please pay attention and enjoy the drama!

P.s some of these scenarios might have been slightly exaggerated. Or not.

Peace, love and slightly guilty feelings for not posting in a while, 


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  1. Ypu again pulled-off simplicity and slendidly

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