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Saying goodbye October 17, 2014

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Hey guys, today’s post is a little sad. It’s about loosing one of my best friends. I’m sure you’re wondering who it is, it’s actually more of an ‘it’. It’s one of my dogs.

As far back as I can remember,  I’ve always had a dog growing up. Our first dog was a light brown mixed breed Simba. I can’t remember what Simba was like as a puppy but he was a great dog. He was such a jealous dog that killed every other amimal in the house surroundings from roaches to rats and even one time a big ass rabbit. As Simba was getting older we decided to get another dog. We got Scar from my dad’s friend who had a lot of dogs and puppies just delivered.

I remember that day like it was yesterday even though it was more than 10 years ago just before I got into Secondary school (currently in my 4th year in university). We had to go pick him up from somewhere about an hour away. We put him in a carton and in the boot of the car but the car back seats where such that you could pull one down and access the boot from the inside. I spent the ride watching after him and the poor carsick thing puked his previous meal (rice). When we got home we had to give him a bath and put him in a clean carton in the corridor downstairs because he was too small to stay in a cage.

We fed him milk and pap like a baby and carried him like one sometimes (except on our backs) because he was so small and cute. He was such a naughty pup and when I was at school my dad would send emails of how the neighbours complained that he barked so loudly at night when he was in his cage. I remember how he would go looking for Simba’s trouble by eating his food and just bothering him. At a certain point in time one of their usual fights led to Simba giving Scar an actual scar just beneath his right eye! 

After a couple of years, Simba passed on and Scar was the only dog. As Scar got older he calmed down a lot and it wasn’t till we had gotten Rocky that I realised how old Scar had become. He stopped jumping as often as he did and didn’t bark as much and was so calm that we allowed him to stay out of his cage all day roaming the compound except when there was a guest in the house. He would sit or lie infront of the main gate just beside the security house or under my mum’s Hiliux if the sun was bothering him. Sometimes he would lie so still that I would call his name just to confirm he wasn’t dead. 

He dealt with Rocky when he was being a nuisance (as always). He would enter the kitchen if the door was open to see what he could steal from the bin and one time he helped himself to some raw chicken we left on the floor! He would always climb into the car just enough for me to pat him head anytime I was driving out or just driving in and always jumped excitingly whenever I had a can of dog food as I would buy on weekends I came home as their doggy treat.

Knowing how old Scar was,  I dreaded the day he would die. I didn’t even want to be in the house to see his body. I guess I got my wish granted. On Sunday 12th October, I got a text from my mum that Scar was missing from the house, which was strange because the gate was never left open unattended and Scar would never leave the house. They searched around for him and waited for him to come back but no luck.

My sister said that she heard dogs go to hide when they are about to die so that their owners don’t have to watch them die. I cried.
I cried because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to him. To say goodbye to having him greet me by rubbing his body on my legs or sniffing my bag to see what I had for him a soon as I got into the house.

I have so so many Scar stories to share. I like to think that he lived a very good and happy doggy life. If you’ve never had a dog or a pet I won’t expect you to understand how this feels. Heck you might be saying ‘it’s not even a human being’.

I’ve learnt that the best way to deal with things is to put it in writing so here this is. Goodbye old friend. I miss you, Adanna misses you, Rocky misses you, in fact everyone here does! Even dad said he’ll miss seeing you in front of the gate when he’s going for his morning jogs.

I hope it’s true what they say, that all dogs go to Heaven.    

With love,