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Saying goodbye October 17, 2014

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Hey guys, today’s post is a little sad. It’s about loosing one of my best friends. I’m sure you’re wondering who it is, it’s actually more of an ‘it’. It’s one of my dogs.

As far back as I can remember,  I’ve always had a dog growing up. Our first dog was a light brown mixed breed Simba. I can’t remember what Simba was like as a puppy but he was a great dog. He was such a jealous dog that killed every other amimal in the house surroundings from roaches to rats and even one time a big ass rabbit. As Simba was getting older we decided to get another dog. We got Scar from my dad’s friend who had a lot of dogs and puppies just delivered.

I remember that day like it was yesterday even though it was more than 10 years ago just before I got into Secondary school (currently in my 4th year in university). We had to go pick him up from somewhere about an hour away. We put him in a carton and in the boot of the car but the car back seats where such that you could pull one down and access the boot from the inside. I spent the ride watching after him and the poor carsick thing puked his previous meal (rice). When we got home we had to give him a bath and put him in a clean carton in the corridor downstairs because he was too small to stay in a cage.

We fed him milk and pap like a baby and carried him like one sometimes (except on our backs) because he was so small and cute. He was such a naughty pup and when I was at school my dad would send emails of how the neighbours complained that he barked so loudly at night when he was in his cage. I remember how he would go looking for Simba’s trouble by eating his food and just bothering him. At a certain point in time one of their usual fights led to Simba giving Scar an actual scar just beneath his right eye! 

After a couple of years, Simba passed on and Scar was the only dog. As Scar got older he calmed down a lot and it wasn’t till we had gotten Rocky that I realised how old Scar had become. He stopped jumping as often as he did and didn’t bark as much and was so calm that we allowed him to stay out of his cage all day roaming the compound except when there was a guest in the house. He would sit or lie infront of the main gate just beside the security house or under my mum’s Hiliux if the sun was bothering him. Sometimes he would lie so still that I would call his name just to confirm he wasn’t dead. 

He dealt with Rocky when he was being a nuisance (as always). He would enter the kitchen if the door was open to see what he could steal from the bin and one time he helped himself to some raw chicken we left on the floor! He would always climb into the car just enough for me to pat him head anytime I was driving out or just driving in and always jumped excitingly whenever I had a can of dog food as I would buy on weekends I came home as their doggy treat.

Knowing how old Scar was,  I dreaded the day he would die. I didn’t even want to be in the house to see his body. I guess I got my wish granted. On Sunday 12th October, I got a text from my mum that Scar was missing from the house, which was strange because the gate was never left open unattended and Scar would never leave the house. They searched around for him and waited for him to come back but no luck.

My sister said that she heard dogs go to hide when they are about to die so that their owners don’t have to watch them die. I cried.
I cried because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to him. To say goodbye to having him greet me by rubbing his body on my legs or sniffing my bag to see what I had for him a soon as I got into the house.

I have so so many Scar stories to share. I like to think that he lived a very good and happy doggy life. If you’ve never had a dog or a pet I won’t expect you to understand how this feels. Heck you might be saying ‘it’s not even a human being’.

I’ve learnt that the best way to deal with things is to put it in writing so here this is. Goodbye old friend. I miss you, Adanna misses you, Rocky misses you, in fact everyone here does! Even dad said he’ll miss seeing you in front of the gate when he’s going for his morning jogs.

I hope it’s true what they say, that all dogs go to Heaven.    

With love,


Be Intentional September 15, 2014

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What does it mean to be intentional? From what I understand from what one of the speakers at the Law Ladies Day (which I was privileged to be part of the planning committee), it means to make moves to allow things happen for your benefit. What I’m to say is participate. You want  to have as many experiences and achievements on your CV well don’t just sit there and only attend classes, participate in extracurricular things too.

Don’t wait for good things to happen to you by chance, let your deliberate actions cause them too. Put things in motion. Don’t just sit and wait, DO SOMETHING.

Looking back over the past year, I am impressed with how much I have grown. Everyday I am learning to leave my comfort zone and do something new. I’ll give a few examples.

I actually accepted to be a presidential candidate for a mock presidential debate organised by one of the societies in my faculty (Faculty of Law, Unilag). I willingly stood in front of over 100 students and staff judges and spoke. Ofcourse my legs were shaking behind the stand and I was sweating bullets because I was nervous but my friends were there cheering me on and at the end of it I got so many compliments on how well I spoke and someone actually told me that he’d want me to join a group of orators and get more experience because I spoke very well!



Then I was put into a committee to plan an event ‘Law Ladies Day’ and at first I just wanted to run away from it but I couldn’t because the head of the committee stays just a room away from me. Anyways it was not very easy sourcing for funds and getting speakers and planning but on Friday the 12th as I looked at everyone seated, the hall with a seating capacity of about 270 was not even enough for the turn out! All our speakers showed up and it was awesome! Kemi Adetiba said she loved my outfit and I even got nominated for best dressed :$ I was just so happy and proud to be part of those that made the event a reality.



At Church yesterday when I got in by 7am most people hadn’t arrived (probably tired from the dinner we had the night before) and only  few members of the band were available and I made a comment jokingly that I would go up with them and sing. Well that didn’t happen as they all were soon around. I was happy/sad but at some point during the service an announcement was made for anyone who had a special presentation and I said to my friend Joy, ‘I wanted to sing Oceans by Hillsong but I’m shy’ and she said she would go with me of I was going. LOL so I had to decide. I have always wanted to sing infron of the church but I’m too lazy to join the choir and this was my one of chance and I decided to take it. I do not regret it, firstly because no one laughed ( thank God), we actually got applauded at the end. I remember when I took the mic the first thing I said was ‘How many people love to sing but are not sure if they have good voices (like me)’. Now I can tick that off my bucket list.

I could go on but I cannot really remember every single instance when I have been intentional but what I can remember is that I did not regret any of those moments.
If you ever watched/read The perks of being a wallflower,  you’d remember how Charlie’s teacher always told him to participate which in my opinion is the same as being intentional. I would really love tp hear your own stories so feel free to use the comments section accordingly.

Peace, love and participation,


In my head

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Hey Oreos! it’s been a while and i was just about to write a new post when i found this in my drafts and decided to finish it up and share it. Hope you like it!

  I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time. Listening to songs and writing down the first thing that comes to my mind. So on a long train ride to the airport on my summer vacation (as at now, last year) I was really bored and was thinking of what to write about and decided to do this.
Osendi Owendu
Listening to this song reminds me of house parties we used to have in the house where uncles and aunties would each stand up at random times and try to reenact a few popular dance steps saying “in my days this is how we used to dance it! This is truely music and not all that noise you people make about shaking your bumbum. Oya come and learn the steps”. I would stylishly dance away into the arms of my mother asking me to come and wash some ‘afufa’ (garden egg) for her famous african salad ‘jakwu'(atink). She would receive a standing ovation for garnishing it with slices of onions and bitter leaves. I have no idea how this is a delicacy but I guess with old age the mouth accustoms bitter with sweet. I hear this song and I feel like whipping out my white handkerchief and displaying some Pry 4 cultural dance moves. Or not. Don’t judge me.

Paradise- Coldplay
When I hear this song I imagine myself laying down under some tree in a forest staring at the stars, falling asleep and drifting peacefully into sleep. Dreaming of being lost and discovering a strange place, sort of like Alice in wonderland but not as creepy. No queen trying to cut off my head or creepy cats. Just wandering into a peaceful safe new place. The guitar solo well I burst into an air guitar solo with a screaming cheering crowd asking for an encore.

In Christ Alone- Owl City
This song reminds me of friday afternoon mass in high school after a beautiful afternoon nap. Everything about the rest of the day just seemed so peaceful. And it also assures me of the power of Christ in me. ‘No guilt in life, no fear in death/ from life’s first cry to final breath/ till he returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I’ll stand. ‘

Pompeii- Bastille
This song is just beautiful. My sister hates it she thinks he sounds like a poor version of Sia. When I hear this song I picture myself on a tour in Italy for some weird reason. Roaming the unfamiliar yet familiar seeming streets, like I had visited in my dreams. ‘But if you closed your eyes, does almost feel like you’ve been here before?’ I can’t find the exact words to describe what I want to. *sigh*

Charlie Brown- Coldplay
I hear this song and I close my eyes and imagine what the video would be like. Stealing a key and taking a car downtown where the lost boys meet and taking what they offer me. I imagine being a character in the Charlie Brown cartoon. Running wild and glowing in the dark.
‘ All the boys all the girls all that matters in the world/the madness that occurs/all the highs all the lows as room spinning/we’ll run riot we’ll be glowing the dark.’

Oceans- Hillsong
This song rights here? So peaceful. When i listen to this song I actually imagine myself being in Peter’s shoes being called to walk on actual water but not making the mistake of looking down, just keeping my eyes above the wave. Funny thing is just yesterday at Church when they asked if anyone had anything they would like to share I actually went up and sang this infront of the youth church (with my friend Joy). ‘Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me’.

September- Earth wind and fire
I have searched for this song for years!!! I can’t describe my happiness when I heard my sister playing it on her phone! It takes me back in time to the 60s/70s/80s whenever it was made. I just feel really wide legged pants- afro wearing- skater skirt rocking old school *insert the running man*

I can’t describe it- Jennifer Hudson
You know that movie with Bow wow trying to win a skating dance competition with his friends? When I listen to this song I picture myself in one of those movies/ music videos. Sliding and gliding in my skates and singing along. ‘It tingles here, tingles there, oh it tingles everywhere, that’s why I’ve never found the words to descriiibbee it’

I could go on and on but it’s 5:11am and I’d love to start writing another post.

Peace,  love and a coldstone cup of Oreo overload,


Come fly with me February 21, 2014

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From the struggle for overhead space to the refusal to obey the air hosts, such are the many things to be observed of Nigerians on international flights from and to Nigeria.
I once sat beside a woman who insisted on going to the bathroom even though we had been clearly told to stay seated with our seat belts fastened by the overhead announcement (because we were about to land) and the ‘fasten seatbelt sign’ was clearly on. I tried to politely ask her to stay seated (because I was going to have to stand up for her to pass)  but she kept insisting that ‘Ehn, we haven’t started descending  and they haven’t locked the toilets yet’.
This same lady scolded the air hostess for coming to pick up her empty food tray late and commented ‘these people don’t respect Nigerians’ when she was refused an extra can of soda and was told that we entitled to only one at a time.
This same amazing seat partner of mine refused to switch off her phone for take off until 20minutes after the announcement was made. I guess discussing her brother’s suspicious behaviour with her mum could not wait for another 6 hours. And no I wasn’t eavesdropping, she was quite loud.
So it’s safe to say that I had a pretty amazing flight.
Do not even get me started on the struggle for overhead compartments! It’s bad enough that we will carry about two massive bags in the name of hand luggage, you will now find people sharply putting them in other person’s space. I was lucky to catch a little drama between two women, Mrs A seating in 32A had an extra bag and put them in Mrs B’s space in 35A. And her reason for refusing to remove it was ‘Ehen? Abi I boarded before you?’Lol things almost got a little physical before a air hostess intervened.
In some other circumstances things have actually gotten physical. Luckily I haven’t been on any such flight yet. So whenever you’re lucky to be on one of these dramatic flights, please pay attention and enjoy the drama!

P.s some of these scenarios might have been slightly exaggerated. Or not.

Peace, love and slightly guilty feelings for not posting in a while, 


Vote for me November 26, 2013

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Hey guys! I’m so sorry for not posting anything since especially since I have soo much to write about.

One thing new with me is that I signed up for a writing competition about a month ago and I made the top 5! The winner will be chosen based on votes and so I need lots and lots of votes!

Tell a friend to tell another friend! Vote with different browsers  and devices.
The link:



Spread the good news! Voting ends on Friday.

Thank you.



The Oreos: A Dunkin’ Tale September 10, 2013

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A friend asked me why I loved Oreos so much to the extent of changing my twitter handle from my real name to TheLemonOreo and then went on to ask why I had particularly chosen that flavor.

I got a couple of similar comments from others too and some I answered extensively and some I just smiled and said ‘Oh no particular reason.’
You see the truth is I do not love Oreos that much and I have never even had lemon flavored Oreos before.

 The real reason I changed my handle was because of two reasons. 1) I wanted an impersonal handle, something that could not be directly traced back to me. I have very unique name sorta I actually do have a few namesakes but it’s not a name you hear every day. In this age of hiring firms and companies looking up candidates online, the last thing I need is a scandal of any sort attached to my name in anyway.

2) Well, this is the main reason for this post. 
So why Oreo? Why thelemonoreo? Is there even anything like a lemon oreo?

 Firstly, yes, lemon oreos do exist. Proof? Way ahead of you.  


 Secondly, ‘thelemonoreo’ because someone had already take all the other cool oreo handles I wanted. The ‘lemon’ part came from a line in Drake’s ‘Thank me now’ song that I misheard, he said “I got flows for the Marilyn Monroe’s” and I could have sworn that I heard ‘lemon rose’. Please don’t ask. I cannot explain my weirdness. 

Lastly, ‘Oreo’ from err, well, this requires a little flash back to SS1 days in high school. Someone saw my lame attempt at ‘busting some moves’ and said that I danced like a white girl. Flash-forward to sometime after my high school graduation, a friend Mfon told me I was an Oreo because in his words I was a black girl on the outside but a white girl on the inside. My life. *sigh*.

Flash-forward again to my second year in University, after I had met Nife and Uche. One day at faculty Uche and I were talking and I can’t remember how the topic even came up but I remember I mentioned that if I schooled abroad that I would probably start a rock band in my garage and then next thing we were talking about starting our own rock band and when deciding on a name, I told her the ‘Oreo’ story. We decided that Nife should be our manager.

Later on that day I started a conference chat with Nife and Uche told them my ideas, things escalated quickly and Nife agreed to be our manager as well as part time tambourine player, Uche said she would be the song writer and also play the drums (I think), I agreed to be the lead singer, co-song writer and guitarist.

Next thing we were talking name of hit songs and albums, our first album name and hit song would be ‘Can’t dunk this’, including other songs on the album like ‘Oreo hearts’, ‘twisted, licked and dunked by your love’ (my ideas ^_^), etc. Soon we were talking merchandise, our pictures on Oreo packs, milk cartons, lunch boxes, etc. Tours and shows at Glastonbury, Madison square, oh we had dreams.

The only problem was that we didn’t have what the most important thing, talent! Lol I don’t even know how to play a guitar or Uche the drums, and the closest we have ever come to a public performance is singing at Karaoke at Shaunz Bar in Murphy’s plaza.

Oh well, we have accepted now that we have an imaginary rock band. We are The Oreos and you can’t dunk this! *hammer dance*
I love my band members and fellow oreos because they are just so special and they share my vision for a rockband without questioning my sanity Lol.
Oreos rock!



Anyways, that is my side of the story. Now for Uche and Nife.  

Uche: The Pink Oreo
 Hi guys! So Chiz already covered the basics of pretty much how we started. People keep asking if the Oreo thing is a cult, seeing as I’m ThePinkOreo and our friend, Ebuwa also decided to adopt the GreyOreo for ourselves.

First of all, (introduction. I apologize. I can’t help how razz I am. I blame the Yoruba blood in me.) Yes. Where was I? Oh yeah, we’re not a cult o. We’re a fictional band. Since none of us has actual musical talent, we did capitalize on something we all shared, that’s love for music and literature. Ever so often, we’d write poems and send to each other, or talk about awesome music we’d found and dream a little about our (imaginary)kick-ass Glastonbury glory days. We’re an odd bunch.

Chiz is THE Oreo. She is a white girl on the inside and black on the outside. For real. Her white name is Tammy (a derivative of her name Chizotam), and I call her TamTam sometimes. Chiz loves “white-girl” music, she dances like a white girl, but she speaks Igbo like a ninja-I’m still hurt she’s refused to teach me Igbo, but it’s fine. Everyone who knows Chiz knows she’s the sweetest person on the planet, so it’s cool. (LOL Uche we both know my spoken igbo is a big mess).

Nife is a gentleman. It’s the one word that best describes who he is. Nife is an idealist, he is chivalrous, honest, caring and buckets of fun. Nife belongs to a class of young men that are a dying breed. What makes him an Oreo is he’s very different on the inside than what you assume on the outside. Some male friends of mine have told me Nife scared them at first, because of how buff he is. He looks like a macho man. And that’s true. He’s a tough guy, but he’s also the kindest, most thoughtful person you’ll ever meet and we love him plenty.

Now to me. How did I become ThePinkOreo? Duh, I love pink. Lol. But that aside, I think I am a bundle of contradictions. I have different sides to me and pink seems to be most apt because I’m such a softie on the inside. I project a hard exterior, being a real G and all B-), but really I’m a big baby and I can be such a girly girl, which is weird cuz I’m also a tomboy. I’ve also got some white-girl elements to me too, but we’ll leave that for another day. I’ve lost too many cool points already.

All in all, we’re different people but our similarities and differences are what bring us together. We still believe we will be soup-or-stars one day. Talent or not. I mean if Davi.. Oh look a bunny rabbit!

Well this was the part where Nife was supposed to come in but he’s too busy being our manager and booking us shows, hitting the gym, training to beat up obsessive fans, just the usual Nife stuff.

Anyone can become an Oreo. You just have to accept the fact that you are unique (some would say weird but I say variety is the spice of life!)

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Oreo?


Oops wrong picture x_x

Till next time, with peace and love from Oreoland,
Chiz, Uche and Nife
The Oreos :*


Get Familiar – Jolie Femme August 6, 2013

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The Law Students' Blog.

The LSS is always willing to promote Budding Student Entrepreneurs. As a result, we are proud to associate ourselves with Benita David-Akoro and Anita David-Akoro(Class of ’15) bringing you :

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